If you are a bargain hunter, then you should often visit 6pm.com. Their prices are surprisingly discounted. If you thought that you would be able to save a fortune by shopping on either 6pm.com or FinishLine.com, then you need to congratulate yourself because that is exactly what is going to happen. You see, I have been familiar with both of these online shoe stores for quite some time, well to be honest my wife is more familiar with 6pm.com, but I have also been familiar with something else and that is how you can use coupon codes for 6pm and Finish Line discount codes to your advantage. These sites already provide you some astonishing savings, but I still think that it is cool that I can save even more money thanks to these codes.


So What Coupon Codes and Deals Are Available?

OK, so I guess that you will be wanting to know more about the coupon codes that are available, so I will tell you. 6pm release special deals at, yep you guessed it, 6pm every single day and there are always some kind of special promo codes out there that tie in with those deals. You will often find a code for 10% off, but at times it will be 20% and if you are a regular shopper there you can get yet another code for more money off as a reward for your loyalty.


However, if we then check out FinishLine.com, then we see that the Finish Line discount codes are slightly different, but still as effective. Perhaps their most well known code is the one that gives you $10 off when you spend more than $100 followed by $20 when you spend $200. This alone is a good deal, but I think that the best part is the way in which you can combine these codes with their sale items because this is where you can save a fortune.

What Kind Of Things Are On Sale?

I simply do not have the spare time to list all of the products that both 6pm.com and FinishLine.com have for sale as I think it would take days. I am not exaggerating here when I say that between the two of them they have thousands of items for sale and we are talking about some savings being as much as 90%.

The thing I love is that each category on either website has items that are reduced. Sometimes it is complete categories, for example up to 65% off heels on 6pm or up to 40% off men’s shorts at Finish Line. However, you will also tend to find well known names also being reduced by huge amounts with some prime examples being Air Jordan reduced by 50% at FinishLine.com or NG workout wear reduced by up to 60% at 6pm.com. In all honesty, the best advice I can give is to check out the websites for yourself.

Don’t Forget Shoebuy Coupons

Did you know that Shoebuy is the major competitor of FinishLine and 6pm.com? What differentiates Shoebuy from the other two online shoe retailers is the “big savings” coupon codes they offer. Coupons for Shoebuy save you over 20%. For example, with discount code HKELLOGG you will get a 25% discount on any order. Shoebuy promo codes are available here.

How About Some Specifics On Sale Items?

I admit that talking about a percentage reduction can be difficult to actually imagine at times, so it is probably best to look at some actual examples so you can really understand why I feel compelled to write about these two online shoe stores.

At this very moment on 6pm.com there are men’s boots by Ted Baker that should retail at $280, but on this site they are for sale at $155. Now, imagine if you had the 10% discount, you are going to get them for half the retail price and on a brand name such as Ted Baker, this is relatively unheard of. The boots in question are not only made to a high standard, but they are stylish, modern, and you just know that they are going to be comfortable, so what more could you want?

I do need to do justice to FinishLine.com and also mention something that is on sale at their site as of right now. If I head to the infant section, I’m thinking about my kid just now, then there are so many products that are reduced that it is crazy. However, if I had to pick one, then the Nike beanie and mitten set reduced from $20.99 to $7.99.

Nike Beanie and Mittens

This means that my son can not only look cool, but stay warm as well and getting it for less than half price is a real bargain.

I really cannot do justice to the various savings that you can have with both 6pm promo codes and Finish Line discount codes as there are just too many fabulous products to choose from. I know I might be tempting fate by telling you to go to the websites and check them out for yourself, but it just seems like the logical thing to do. After all, you are making huge savings, so surely that means you can just buy more items?

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