A Detailed Look at “Watch the Throne” Nike Zoom Soldier 8

If you haven’t seen any photos of the limited edition shoe Nike Zoom Soldier VII, here are a few. Known as the “Watch the Throne edition, the Soldier 8 became available in Nike’s store for only a few days. Named after Kanye West’s and Jay-Z’s popular hip hop album “Watch the Throne“, the shoe quickly disappeared from the shelves. Only a few pairs were made, so it’s been sold out.

Watch the Throne shoe

This black and gold color is so unique. Don’t you love this luxe aesthetic? So cool! The upper of the shoe is mainly black. Then there is a golden swoosh, Nike’s brand logo, on the strap. They also have a golden Lebron James symbol on the tongue. The leather is soft, like premium. Black and gold are the colors of the hip hop album Watch the Throne. To complete the look, it has a golden zipper on the side.

When it hit the stores, Soldier 8 was priced at $140. A bit pricey, but who cares? Kanye’s fans did not mind for sure.

Soldier 8 watch the throne

This is a shoe that is generally not available to the public. But some people have managed to find it.

Nike has released several Watch the Throne designs. They were made to celebrate the the album “Watch the Throne” by Jay Z and Kanye West’s. It was a nationwide tour that had a lot of success.

The “Watch the Throne” logo is printed on the inside of the tongue.