Fila F-13 Weather Tech Review

At first glance the Fila F-13 Weather Tech looks more like a basketball shoe than anything else. However, look at it a few seconds more and its mud-trampling, water-repelling, and rock-climbing features slowly starts to become apparent.

Fila 13 weather tech

If you are looking for a pair that’s great for outdoors and can also double as work boot then the Fila Weather Tech presents a pretty decent case. First of all it comes with a padded hi-top collar as well as a padded tongue providing excellent ankle support. These are few of the primary things you should look for when selecting hiking shoes. Mainly because ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries when traversing through the unpredictable outdoor terrain and hold the power to leave you immobile in the middle of nowhere. Moving past that haunting image, the shoe also has heavy-duty leather and mesh upper that wraps around your feet keeping it dry even in the wettest of outdoor conditions.

The F-13 also has a high-quality rubber outsole which comes with tyre-like treads helping you get a proper grip when maneuvering through the wild. Keeping your feet comfortable and well away from the gravel, the Fila F-13 Weather Tech comes with a specially made cushioned floor bed.

Overall, the shoe does everything a good outdoor shoe should do. It’s comfortable, it’s stylish, it’s durable, it provides ample protection, and most importantly it will not put a hole on your pocket. What I most liked about the Weather Tech is that even after being a proper hiking shoe it simply doesn’t look like one. It carefully hides it true character and looks like any other hi-top sneakers making it perfect for both outdoors and everyday usage.

Now, there are plenty of online stores from where you can get the pair but I bought mine from Initially, I was lured in by the impressive 33% discount which reduced the price of the pair to $49.99. However, once I started browsing through the pages, I discovered that they house a pretty nice collection of shoes, apparels, accessories, and bags.

What I most liked about 6pm is that it was very clean in terms of design which made pretty easy to navigate through the pages and find exactly what I was looking for. Most other sites are plagued with advertisements and are often cluttered with unnecessary options. Thanks to their “Narrow Your Choices” box I was able to select my shoe size, shoe width, and even insole material to zero in on the perfect pair with absolute ease.

Where to Buy it From

It retails for $73.45 at ShoeBuy and only $49.99 at! Yeap, you save $33 if you buy it from my favorite store