TOMS Women’s Glitter Classic Slip-on: My Best Shoes for Summer

I am a girl all about comfort and style. It can be hard to merge both of these together, which is why I was so glad to find TOMS Women’s Glitter Classic slip on-shoe.

Women Glitter Slip on Toms

Firstly the look could be considered casual, but can easily be dressed up with the right dress or skirt. I love them because they can be used for day or night wear, no need for an extra pair to change into for a party that evening.

Women Glitter Slip on Toms undersole

They have very comfortable suede insoles ideal for walking or dancing. This is necessary for me as I find certain materials hard to walk in for a prolonged period of time.

Women Glitter Slip on Toms pink

The sparkle display is girly and funky at the same time. I love glitter and it looks amazing with my favorite sparkly party dress. I bought them on Friday afternoon in Schue with the girls.

After trying on several pairs of Toms, ranging from pure white, to pink and blue, these stood out as the winning pair. They had extra style, felt softer inside and I could think of hundreds of outfits that would work well with them. The shoes are a light pink colour sprinkled on glitter, so definitely not the type of pair you would see everyday.

After I bought them I immediately changed into them and walked over two hours. It was in the middle of spring so I loved how I didn’t need to wear socks wearing them. The suede insoles are so soft and flexible, could easily run in them if I wanted to. The glitter aspect was a major selling point for me and this was just from the display. After trying them on you fall in love with them instantly. I would highly recommend them for casual girls who enjoy some sparkle.

Buy them from Nordstrom.

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